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by admin on May 5, 2012

Hello and thanks for visiting our blog. As time goes on we will be addressing news related topics that will be written in both Spanish and English. The majority of these posts will be written by native Costa Rican’s (Ticos). This and many other blogs of the same nature are going to address issues related to the economy and government of Costa Rica. Ticos need an avenue to assist them in getting the government to be for the people, rather than to be a tax collection entity.

Costa Rica is changing at a rate that is leaving the native Tico far behind with little interest in there well being. This is a dream to help these people voice their opinions. We ask that you express your interest in making Costa Rica a better place to live. The use of the Internet will aid thousands of people in voicing their opinions, rather than being ignored. This county is great and so are the people, but the government has gotten in their way. Please help!

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